The purpose of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building is to uphold and share the values and principles of democracy in order to build peace, stability and reconciliation.

Our vision is to remove fear from and offer hope to divided communities and to create a society with a shared sense of responsibility, opportunity
and community.

Our aim is to support the Northern Ireland peace process and at the same time share our experience with the international community

Got a question, a query or an idea? Please contact us at info@democracyandpeace.org.

Democracy needs support and the best support for democracy comes from other democracies. Democratic nations should… come together in an association designed to help each other and promote what is a universal value — democracy.

Benazir BhuttoSpeech at Harvard University (1989)

The only way to practice democracy, is to practice democracy.

Hu ShihScience and Democracy Defined (1921)