Alannah Millar

Alannah Millar


Alannah Millar is a postgraduate student at Trinity College Dublin, studying International Peace Studies MPhil. Alannah researches Russian foreign policy and the invasion of Ukraine and has worked as a volunteer helping Ukrainian refugees.

She recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first-class degree in Russian Studies and English Literature, where she specialised in poetry during the Troubles and disability in Russian literature. Alannah has lived in Russia, Latvia, England, and Scotland, but calls Northern Ireland home.

Alannah loves to write and is passionate about conflict transformation and transitional justice.


Centre for Democracy and Peace Building Annual Report 2024

We find ourselves in a cultural moment of uncertainty as domestic and global challenges persist. Whether it is the cost of living crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or the war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, leadership is required more than ever and the importance of peace building critical. This year has been dubbed the year of voting, with more than two billion people heading to the polls in 2024. Quite simply, it is the biggest election year in history. And yet, democracy has never felt so fragile; it seems to be on the ballot itself.