Eva Grosman

Eva Grosman

Chief Executive

Eva is a co-founder and CEO of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building. She also curates TEDxStormont and an Advisory Board member for the Global Women’s Narratives Project, and the Oxford Interfaith Forum.

Eva co-founded the award-winning Unite Against Hate campaign, challenging all forms of prejudice and hate crime, and was an independent member of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As a Head of Programmes at the Northern Ireland Assembly Legislative Strengthening Trust, Eva developed and implemented Politics Plus, a capacity building programme designed to enhance skills and effectiveness of those involved in political and public life.

Eva, originally from Poland initiated Polish Cultural Week and Polish Film Festival, served on the board of the Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) and delivered several cultural diplomacy programmes, in partnership with the leading arts organisations in Poland, Ireland and the UK.

She is a recipient of the Spirit of Washington Ireland Award honouring exceptional leaders from Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Eva has qualifications in management, marketing and political communications, and holds a Masters-level Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from the University of Oxford.


Centre for Democracy and Peace Building Annual Report 2024

We find ourselves in a cultural moment of uncertainty as domestic and global challenges persist. Whether it is the cost of living crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or the war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, leadership is required more than ever and the importance of peace building critical. This year has been dubbed the year of voting, with more than two billion people heading to the polls in 2024. Quite simply, it is the biggest election year in history. And yet, democracy has never felt so fragile; it seems to be on the ballot itself.