Conor Houston

Conor Houston

Programme Consultant

Conor is a Consultant with the CDPB, leading on our EU Debate NI Programme. He is also a Governor of the Irish Times Trust.

He is a solicitor advocate having represented clients to the Supreme Court of both the UK and Ireland and was involved in many high profile and pioneering cases.

He also represented the legal profession on the Executive Board of the European Young Bar Association and on the Council of the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

Conor is a Fellow of the US State Department Rule of Law Programme, Fellow of the British Council Hammamet Conference and was UK National Leader at the Ship for World Young Leaders Conference in Japan. He is currently the inaugural Chairman of the Ireland Funds Young Leaders Belfast chapter.


Opinion: A ‘Brexit Convention’ for Northern Ireland

We are committed to partnership, equality and mutual respect as the basis of relationships within Northern Ireland, between North and South, and between these islands." Preamble to the Belfast Good Friday Agreement 1998 There is one certainty that is clear in the opening weeks of 2017: we are in uncertain times. Much of the current commentary and discourse is about the RHI scandal, who was responsible, who was to blame. There are serious issues and questions unresolved and in whatever talks process that will emerge, a lot of focus will be on getting answers.