TEDxStormont Women 2016 speakers announced

TEDxStormont Women is back, taking place on Thursday 27 October from 6pm to 9pm at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

Organised along the ‘It’s About Time’ theme and supported by Ulster Bank, the event will feature 14  leading thinkers, innovators, artists, politicians, philosophers and entertainers from the UK, Ireland and the United States representing such diverse fields as technology, entertainment, visual and performance art, design, politics, music and education, among others.

The event will be compered by former broadcaster Sarah Travers.

This will be the second time that TEDxStormont Women has taken place and due to popular demand will be in the Great Hall, Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

Over 175 guests have signed up already with nearly 200 expected on the day.

Eva Grosman, Curator of TEDxStormont Women 2016 said:

“This is an event that provides a platform for women and women’s issues at the home of decision making in Northern Ireland.”

“Bringing TEDxStormont Women to the wonderful setting of Parliament Buildings is the perfect place to listen to the ideas and inspiration of the wealth of speakers participating this year”

“Through the power of our ideas we can overcome the challenges of the 21st century and TEDxStormont Women presents a wonderful opportunity for us to hear from some fantastic women from the worlds of politics, business, and entertainment and beyond as they share their ideas.”

“The event has been made possible with the support from our main sponsor Ulster Bank who has had the vision to support TEDxStormont Women.

Richard Donnan, Head of Northern Ireland at Ulster Bank, the lead sponsor of TEDxStormont Women 2016 said:

“We’re proud to support our local communities and TEDxStormont Women is an excellent way to do that – we have a strong history of supporting female entrepreneurship, and through initiatives like our Focused Women’s network, we provide a platform for women to share ideas and achieve success.

“This event provides people with the opportunity to hear from some truly innovative and insightful speakers and build on the energy and enthusiasm generated by the most recent event at the MAC.”

Speakers and Performers will include:

  • Claire Sugden – MLA Northern Ireland Minister for Justice
  • Niall Downey – Doctor, Surgeon, Airline Captain
  • Eileen Mullan – Launched Strictly Boardroom, Chair of Age NI
  • Kaja Choma – Fitness Trainer, Health Advocate and Personal Growth enthusiast
  • Lindsey Robinson – Perinatal Mental Health advocate (Married to Gavin Robinson MP)
  • Adele Doherty – Alzheimer’s Society, Regional Operations Manager
  • Lady Portia Di’ Monte – Belfast socialite Drag Queen
  • Carrie Montgomery – Deputy CEO, Contact NI
  • Julia and Jean-Paul De Villiers – (Julia) Creator of the Julia Cameron lifestyle brand and (Jean Paul) Peak performance coach and best-selling author
  • Joyce Ferder Rankin – Award Winning Photo Journalist, Off to Antarctica in 2017
  • Nuala Davies – Actoress, Singer, Burlesque Dancer, Writer, Teacher
  • Dorcas Crawford – Senior Partner at Edwards &Co Solicitors and launched #BelfastHour
  • Amanda St John – Singer-Songwriter

Post-EU referendum Toolkit launched

eu-debate-post-referendumThe Centre for Democracy & Peace Building (CDPD) “EU Debate NI” programme has launched a post-EU referendum toolkit for community groups and organisations.
The toolkit has three key parts:
1. A simple to follow overview of where we are post-referendum and what might happen next;
2. Four short videos by Jamie Smart, author of the best-selling book “The Little Book of Clarity”. These videos provide tools which empower  communities to deal with uncertainty and change;
3. An introduction to the issues that NI will have to consider in the future negotiations such as peace funding, freedom of movement of people and other relevant issues.
We have created an exercise in which the group are invited to meet the “Brexit Ministers” and have to decide what to prioritise and why.
We will capture this information at our workshops across NI and provide to elected representatives and other key stakeholders as we try to establish the best outcome for all the people of NI.
Our EU Debate NI programme is kindly supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.
If your group/ organisation would be interested in booking a workshop please contact:
Conor Houston, ProgrammeDirector CDPB: conor.houston@democracyandpeace.org

RISING Global Peace Forum

CDPB is delighted to partner with RISING Global Peace Forum and RISING 16 their second annual gathering.

Taking place from 15th to 16th November 2016 in Coventry, UK, it will bring together great minds from across the globe to discuss the world’s most intractable issues. World leaders, peace practitioners, academics, diplomats, media and the public will convene from all over the world over a common aim: provoking peace.

RISING 16 will examine “the ripple effect” of responding to conflict, whether with action or inaction.

The event will explore the consequences of interventions in areas such as global migration, international conflict, community cohesion and countering violent extremism; the role of women in peace and security; and the impact of conflict on children and young people.

For more information and to book your tickets please visit www.rising.org

Dr Eugen Koh: Art, healing and Northern Ireland

CDPB hosted Dr Eugen Koh in Belfast last week, following his visit to Northern Ireland in September 2015.

Reflecting on the visit Dr Koh said:

“May I thank the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building for inviting me back to Belfast. I have always been very conscious of myself as an outsider: and what would an outsider know? While I am more than ready to concede my ignorance, I hope that my genuine interest and impartiality have helped me to understand the complexities and suffering of Northern Ireland. My visit last year left me in no doubt the fragility of the present peace and also the enormous work already being undertaken by so many to make it long lasting, and usually with so little resources. I have been humbled by the sacrifice of the so many, and have wondered throughout this visit ‘why am I here and what can I offer, really?

The aim of this visit, my third to Northern Ireland has been to understand the art sector and its contribution to the extensive endless effort in building peace. I have seen again and again so much important work that are being done. Following this visit, I am more convinced than ever than the work of the art sector is critical to the overall effort being undertaken in the broad community. In my public lecture “Art, Trauma and Cultural Change’ at the Golden Thread Gallery I tried to put forward the reasons why art is so important not only to overcome the trauma of the Troubles but also to facilitate the cultural change necessary for moving forward. I am very grateful to the many who have spoken to me about their work and shared their view of the situation in Northern Ireland. I leave Belfast troubled, with many questions.

It appears to me that the dominant narrative is one of difference and segregation. Any suggestion of commonality seemed threatening. Why is there such a retreat into an overwhelming emphasis of difference? Why is the possibility of commonality so feared? I believe that difference is very important as it gives us a sense of self and identity, and therefore, security. But then, how can we engage with ‘the other’ in peace without commonality? We need both difference and commonality. Can we have both ? And if we can, how do we find the delicate balance between difference and commonality? I think these questions invite vital conversations, vital to building lasting peace. While I think these conversations are necessary across communities and sectors, I believe the art sector can play a vital role in helping everyone to have such conversations in the most sensitive and powerful way. Is there a role for an outsider like myself in such difficult conversations, I wonder?”

You can read Dr Koh paper “Art, healing and Northern Ireland” HERE.