Anthony Miller encourages public to accept themselves as ‘enough’ in final TEDxStormont Studio talk

Celebrity columnist and law lecturer Anthony Miller has delivered the final of 12 TEDxStormont Studio talks which have taken place virtually throughout the summer 2021.

The talk, which will go live on Friday, looks at the idea of one being ‘enough’ and how the public can come to terms with who they are through the successes and losses in life.

The TEDxStormont Studio talks was aimed at encouraging the public to have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them, while also bringing together brilliant minds to change attitudes on some of today’s hot topic issues.

The series was kicked off by Belfast-based GP Dr Gareth Patterson who shared powerful testimony on his experience of Gay Conversion Therapy. Other speakers have included Irish cellist, Patrick Dexter, broadcaster turned pilgrim guide, Martina Purdy, founder of Craic NI, Eileen Chan-Hu, producer and writer Henrietta Norton and Rio Ferdinand Foundation Ambassador Leo Brown.

Curator of TEDxStormont, Eva Grosman said:

“The incredible and fascinating stories, lived experiences and ideas that have been shared with us through the Studio series have simply been an honour to be part of. Our twelve speakers have opened up and let us all into small parts of their lives, and inspired audiences across the globe.”

“In the past months, we have heard about a number of tough topics including conversion therapy, childhood trauma, and discrimination. But we have also heard hopeful messages of self-discovery and unimaginable resilience which have been lessons for us all. I hope that our audiences have enjoyed the talks as much as we had making them.

“TEDxStormont is always proud to a platform to those unique voices and ideas. This year we have been thrilled to have a summer packed with insightful and meaningful talks that have laid bare the spectrum of human emotion and have motivated our audiences to drive change. It has been an exceptional year with exceptional speakers.”