Leslie Thayer

Leslie Thayer


Leslie Thayer studied political science with a concentration on democratic institutions in East/Central Europe in her undergrad. Currently she is completing a Master‘s in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University.

Her study abroad experiences have taken her to several different places including the UK, Poland, Italy, and Hawaii. These experiences have helped to shape her research, including her undergrad thesis on Democratic Backsliding in Poland and other East/Central European countries and religion’s role in peace in the world, which is what she hopes to write her dissertation on this year.


Cultural Diplomacy and the Art of Soft Power

What is the role of cultural diplomacy in our ever-increasing polarised and divided world? How can we foster a better understanding between cultures and nations? How can cultural diplomacy pave the way to the wider cooperation and dialogue? During this seminar we will examine the role of cultural diplomacy, learn how we can foster an effective cultural dialogue, and examine the role of art and artists in shaping the island of Ireland’s image (North and South) in the international context.