Unite Against Hate website re-launched

To mark UN World Children’s Day and Anti-Bullying Week we are delighted to re-launch our Unite Against Hate website and to share a series of new Friendship Friday resources developed by Kidscape.

The world is becoming increasingly divided. Religion, race and gender have all become polarising fault lines. In a time of heightened rhetoric and behaviour, suspicion, judgement and hate flourish. If hate is not challenged it will destroy our ability to live together.

Friendship Friday encourages everyone to see they have a role to play in creating a world that is friendlier and kinder.

Conversations about bullying behaviour (including racism, sectarianism and hatred) are very important, and teachers, parents or carers are in the perfect position to support and guide young people to help them to develop a better understanding of positive relationships.

To help, Centre for Democracy and Peace Building and Unite Against Hate are thrilled to partner with Kidscape and share a series of their resources focusing on the positives of kind, healthy and happy friendships. These include Being A Good Friend, Telling Tales, What Makes A Good Friend, Put Yourself In My Shoes and Help With Friendship.

To use the Friendship Friday resources:

  1. Go to uniteagainsthate.org.uk/resources
  2. Choose a colouring sheet and a lesson/activity plan
  3. Colour in each of the patchwork pieces
  4. What makes you different to your friends?
  5. Talk and learn about the difference and explore the positives of kind, healthy and happy friendships

And make our world a better place!

First established over ten years ago, Unite Against Hate provides a platform to challenge, educate and mobilise people to face the truth about hate – and end it. Because we believe that ending hate can build a better society for everyone.

The work of Unite Against Hate would not be possible without the support of our friends at Irish American Partnership.